Hola, Beernola.

Say hello to the first cereal upcycled from spent beer grains.

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Wake up cycled

Soggy but true: Every year, thousands of tons of spent grain is sent to landfill by our nation's beer companies. They see barley, oats and hops as waste. We saw a nutritious and flavor-packed breakfast, when mixed with delicious local ingredients. So the Beernola idea went from brewery to brainstorm to bakery.


How we achieve wastelessness.


1. We dehydrate the mash, locking in the flavor.


2. We blend it with fruit, nuts, oats and natural sweeteners


3. We bake it, roll it (“chunkify” if you will) and package it for you.


We make Beernola in three blends that celebrate our hometowns.


SF Blend

Our Beernola by the Bay is more North Beach poet than Market Street tech bro. Barley and oats bring an earthiness, complemented by crunchy kashi, puffed rice and aromatic coconut and ginger.


ROC Blend

Rochester is home to the 20th century’s most innovative companies, like Xerox, Kodak, and Bausch and Lomb. This century clearly belongs to Beernola. We stake our claim to greatness with a quintessential western New York blend of apples, cinnamon, maple, almond and vanilla.


BK Blend

Go ahead, send us your witty retorts about artisanal mayonnaise and bespoke seltzer. We Brooklynites don’t mind laughing at ourselves when our homespun breakfast creation tastes this good. (Pretty sure that was a double-reverse humblebrag). BK Beernola is our culinary spirit animal, featuring notes of sour cherry, dark chocolate and pumpkin.